Welcome! Pull up a stool and have a mug of whatever pleases you.

Please don't just sit there, though... jump right in! There's lots to see and do here. A good place to start is the Guild Charter. Also, the "Important Info" link will take you to the list of all things important. And that's important. :-)

Don't be afraid to speak up with comments, questions or an amusing anecdote or two.

Guild Charter


Due to the size and activity level in the Guild, we need to establish some ground rules. In order to maintain the highest quality of Guild personnel, these policies must be strictly enforced.


The focus of Gallifreyan Keep is to play and have fun in a relaxed, welcoming environment; we're very social and enjoy chatting with other Guild Members, whether through in-game chat, voice or C3 (our voice chat). We've also created a Facebook Page so you can get your fix of all things NW and GK any time and any place (although, this forum scales down well on mobile devices).

We welcome players and characters from all over the world, any class, any level. It doesn't matter if you prefer PvP or spending your time crafting items, we're happy to have you aboard!

Mission Statement
Gallifreyan Keep was founded to provide a relaxed and friendly environment for all its members without using exploits.

About Gallifreyan Keep
The comment we get most often is that the Guild feels more like a family than a guild. All player types are welcome here, whether you are an expert player looking to bolster your wealth or a beginner seeking to learn the game, we can help you achieve your goal. Founded in February 2015 by @instynctive and @tessamorsel, the guild has transformed into a close-knit group of knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful players. Whatever your commitment level or desired outcome, members are encouraged to be social and participate in events with one another.

Guild Values
1) Fun takes priority over anything else. Believe it or not, we play this game for fun! While it’s a simple concept, many people lose sight of this in their quest for the uber-loot, a position on a delve roster, the ideal party make-up or the perfectly strategized quest. This guild is made up of people who want to log on to the game, forget about their real lives and just kill pixels with their friends. If you don’t value the fun aspects of the game more than anything else, you’ll likely be frustrated by our easy-going nature.

2) Real life takes priority over the game. Our member and officer base plays pretty casually. Most of us are busy with our real lives and see the game as an opportunity to switch off from real life and hang out with like-minded people doing something fun. But sometimes real life intervenes: visitors drop over unexpectedly, the kid wakes up, the spouse needs attention or whatever. The point is that real life always takes priority, and no-one will hold it against you if you have to drop because something has come up.

3) You reflect the guild; don’t sully its good name. We want to have an excellent reputation throughout Neverwinter and beyond. We want our guild to be renown for being helpful, funny, easy going, fun to hang out with, and great players of the game to boot! We really don’t want our good name being tarnished and even though you may not know it, every one of us reflects upon the guild we are in. You need to be mindful of this whenever running with random groups.

Guild Law
This portion will be broken down into specific sections. All Guild Members, from Rank 1: Serfs all the way to the top echelon are expect to abide by these laws.

1) Registration on the guild forums is required. We consider our forums to be an integral part of our community and registering on our forums is requiredof every guild member. The only way to progress in rank is to be social, interactive and helpful to others. The first step in this process is to sign up on the forum. Of course we can't make you sign up and participate on the forum, but if you don't, you'll never advance. Please refer to the Guild Ranks section below.

2) Respect your guildmates and treat them as you want to be treated. We have no time for people who consider themselves better than others because of their build, gear, cash, awesomeness or any other real or virtual reason. Realize this is a game for a party working in unison, not a group of individuals competing with one another. Any sort of griefing, abuse, harassment or unwanted teasing of our members by other members is taken really seriously. Don’t forget, communication works two ways – just because you are light-heartedly poking fun at someone else, doesn’t mean they take it that way. You need to be conscientious of how other people respond to your behavior.

Please note that Guild chat can get rather ...naughty... from time to time. Please /tell someone if they become offensive. If the person doesn't cease their offensive commentary, please find an officer (Rank 4 or higher) and /tell them.

1) All members, regardless of rank, have access to our C3 voicechat. See the Important Info page for a link to the setup.

2)Gallifreyan Keep has a strict "no exploit" policy. An exploit is the misuse of a software feature or bug in a way that allows a player to generate in-game benefits without the risk or time expected by the game's designers. It can involve the use of a third-party program and it includes generating currency, experience, or other things of value to players. It also includes actions that allow one player to gain a gameplay advantage over other players. If you are found to be exploiting any bugs or software features, you will be removed from the Guild.

Guild Ranks
Players earn ranks, not their characters. Every character of the player affiliated with the guild will maintain a rank equal to their highest ranked character.

Rank 7: Baron
This rank is reserved for the current guild leaders, @tessamorsel and @instynctive.

Rank 6: Baronet
The Rank 6: Baronets have slightly expanded permissions within the guild, to include starting construction on SH structures, demoting people, and kicking people from the guild. When the Rank 7: Barons aren't online, these guys are in charge.

Rank 5: Knight
We are going to cap the number of Rank 5: Knight people at a total of 6. If the guild exceeds 100 active players, we will consider adding more. We will endeavor to add Rank 5s based not only on Guild loyalty and helpfulness, but Time Zones as well. It is our intent to have a Rank 5: Guild Knight online at any given moment. If there are no Rank 6s or higher online, these guys are in charge.

Rank 4: Squire
This is probably the most important position within our ranking system. The Rank 4: Squire are the meat and taters of the most helpful, knowledgeable and interactive players in the guild. These are our teachers, ombudsmen and support. There will be a maximum of 18 Rank 4: Squire.

Rank 3: Noble
These members, while still fairly new, are the most active, both in-game and on the forums. Promotion to Rank 3: Noble will be dictated by forum participation (minimum of 100 posts on the forum) and/or on recommendation from higher ranks.

Rank 2: Cottager
The heart and soul of any Guild is the majority of its members. In order to become Rank 2: Guild Proctor, simply sign up on the forum.

Each and every Rank 2: Cottager is the everyday face and representation of Gallifreyan Keep. Through words, actions and interactions all Rank 2: Cottager members exemplify the values and goals of our Guild and continue to make this the best Guild in-game. Beginning at Rank 2: Cottager, every member has access to the Guild Bank and is allowed to participate for prizes in Guild events.

Rank 1: Serf
Rank 1: Serfs have no real Guild standing since they can't be bothered to sign up on the forum. Because of this, there will be much stricter policy enforcement surrounding anyone who is Rank 1: Serf, to include no Guild Bank access and no multiple characters per player allowed. Rank 1s will be subject to being kicked from the guild if they are inactive for more than a week, regardless of donations to the Guild Coffer.

We will boot inactive characters without warning as described below:
  • Rank 1: Serf: not sign up on the forum within a week of joining.
  • Rank 2: Cottager: idle for two weeks, without a written notice of absence.
  • Rank 3: Noble: idle for three weeks, without a written notice of absence.
  • Rank 4: Squire: idle for four weeks, without a written notice of absence
  • Rank 5 and higher will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Inactive means: the character has not even logged into the game for invoking/professioning.

Written notice of absence can be sent to either Guild leader either in-game, via the forum, or regular email.

Please note that Rank 1: Serf members are subject to being kicked from the Guild at any time for any reason.

Guild Bank
The Guild Bank is for the betterment of the Guild as an entity. Once you are promoted to Rank 2: Cottager, you will have some access to the Guild bank. Bank access increases as your Guild Rank increases.

The Guild Bank is to help all members progress, and with actual character needs, not non-guilded alts. The Guild bank is not for personal Profit/Gain. The items in the guild bank are donated by members who worked to get those items, and they are graciously letting lower level/Gear Score members have those items at no cost.

Anything placed into the Guild Bank becomes Guild property. Blatant theft of Guild property will not be tolerated. Withdrawing items to sell or auction off will NOT be tolerated and you'll be kicked from the Guild to make space for someone more honorable. Bear in mind that @tessamorsel and I can see ALL transactions dating back to the beginning of time, and we do monitor it.

Please note that ANYTHING that's deposited into the Guild Bank is subject to be auctioned off. The proceeds from those auctions will be re-invested in the Guild (SH items, prizes for events, etc.).

We have the most generous Guildies that I've ever seen in an MMO. On behalf of the entire Guild, THANK YOU. As much as I wish we could accept everything that everyone is willing to donate, we just don't have the room or resources for everything. Also, please be conscientious as to *where* you deposit items. Each repository is labeled.

Anyone in the guild can make deposits. Please note that no matter how generous your deposits, it will not increase your Guild rank from Rank 1: Serf to Rank 2: Cottager. Also, if you deposit something in the bank, it becomes Guild Property. If you are kicked for violation of Guild Charter, inactivity, or are a Rank 1: Serf who did no sign up on the forums, you do [b]not[/] get your items/gold back.

There are daily withdrawal limits implemented. Please respect this.

Again, items and money that are withdrawn from the bank are to be used AS NEEDED. The money isn't an "allowance". It is there if you NEED it.

One warning policy. The corollary to the above is that because we have little in the way of screening potential members, some people may join the guild who simply don’t fit in. We don’t want to take up the officers’ time in either screening recruits or overly policing guildies. So our policy is simple – you only get one warning. If you are a pigknuckle, or do anything that contravenes the guild values, you’ll be given a warning by a guild officer. Do it again, and you will be booted from the guild with little fanfare.